The Enchanted April

by Elizabeth Von Arnim

The Enchanted April is a 1922 novel by British writer Elizabeth von Arnim. The novel follows four dissimilar women in the 1920s England who leave their rainy, grey environments to go on holiday in Italy. The work was inspired by a month-long holiday to the Italian Riviera, probably the most widely read (as an English and American best seller in 1923) and perhaps the lightest and most ebullient of her novels. 
Von Arnim wrote, and set, the book in the 15th-century Castello Brown. Critic Terence de Vere White credited The Enchanted April with making the Italian resort of Portofino fashionable.
The Enchanted April has regularly been adapted for the stage and screen.
Excerpted from The Enchanted April on Wikipedia.

person AuthorElizabeth von Arnim
language CountryAustralia
api GenreDomestic fiction, Love Story, Romance
copyright CopyrightPublic domain in the United States.
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