The Sky Is Falling

by Lester Del Rey

The Sky Is Falling is a short novel by American writer Lester del Rey. The first and shortest version was published in Beyond Fantasy Fiction in July 1954 under the title "No More Stars" with the pseudonym Charles Satterfield. It first appeared in book form in 1963 with Badge of Infamy as "Two Complete Novels" in a Galaxy paperback original. The first book-length version was published in 1973 by Ace Books.
Computer engineer Dave Hanson is transported from Earth to a world where the rules of science and physics are replaced by the rules of magic. Hanson was summoned to help save the world's sky from collapsing. Hanson must find a way to reconcile his scientific knowledge with the magic of his new world, while also navigating complex social rules that threaten his life should he fail to fulfill his goals. 
Excerpted from The Sky Is Falling on Wikipedia.

person AuthorLester Del Rey
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