The Katy series

by Susan Coolidge

The Katy series is a set of novels by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, writing under the pen-name of Susan Coolidge. The first in the series, What Katy Did, was published in 1872 and followed the next year by What Katy Did at School. What Katy Did Next was released in 1886. Two further novels, Clover (1888) and In the High Valley (1890), focused upon other members of the eponymous character's family. The series was popular with readers in the late 19th century.
The Katy series is unusual for its time by having an entry which focuses not on the family life at home but at school in What Katy Did at School. In a 1995 survey, What Katy Did was voted as one of the top 10 books for 12-year-old girls. The series was later adapted into a TV series entitled Katy in 1962, and two films, one also called Katy in 1972 and What Katy Did in 1999.
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The Katy series

person AuthorSusan Coolidge
language CountryUnited States
api GenreChildren's Literature, Bildungsromans
copyright CopyrightPublic domain worldwide.
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auto_stories Read online1. What Katy Did
--Read by Karen Savage--
What Katy Did is an 1872 children's book written by Susan Coolidge. It follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old American girl, Katy Carr, and her family who live in the fictional lakeside Ohio town of Burnet in the 1860s. Katy is a tall untidy tomboy, forever getting into scrapes but wishing to be beautiful and beloved. When a terrible accident makes her an invalid, her illness and four-year recovery gradually teach her to be as good and kind as she has always wanted.

2. What Katy Did at School
--Read by Karen Savage--
Following Katy's recovery in What Katy Did, Katy and Clover go to Hillsover, a boarding school. Together with their new friend Rosamond Redding, or "Rose Red", they form a Society for the Suppression of Unladylike Conduct.

3. What Katy Did Next
--Reader: Collaborative--
This is the third book of the famous Katy series. What Katy Did Next follows the stories What Katy Did (1872) and What Katy Did At School (1873) and tells the adventures of Katy Carr as she travels to Europe.

4. Clover
--Read by Elli--
is the fourth book in the popular Katy series. After Katy's wedding, the focus shifts to her little sister Clover.

5. In the High Valley
--Read by Elli--
In the High Valley is the fifth and last book of the popular Katy series. The story starts out with Lionel Young and his sister, Imogen who set out for the picturesque but remote High Valley, leaving their hometown Devonshire behind...