The Mystery of Edwin Drood

by Charles Dickens

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the final novel by Charles Dickens, originally published in 1870.
Though the novel is named after the character Edwin Drood, it focuses more on Drood's uncle, John Jasper, a precentor, choirmaster and opium addict, who is lusting after his pupil, Rosa Bud. Miss Bud, Edwin Drood's fiancée, has also caught the eye of the high-spirited and hot-tempered Neville Landless. Landless and Edwin Drood take an instant dislike to each other. Later Drood disappears under mysterious circumstances. 
Upon the death of Dickens on 9 June 1870, the novel was left unfinished, only six of a planned twelve instalments having been published. He left no detailed plan for the remaining instalments or solution to the novel's mystery, and many later adaptations and continuations by other writers have attempted to complete the story.
Excerpted from The Mystery of Edwin Drood on Wikipedia.

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