The works of
Guy De Maupassant

by Guy De Maupassant

Translated by:
Albert M. Cohn McMaster (1888 - ),
A. E. Henderson,
and Others

Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant (5 August 1850 – 6 July 1893) was a 19th-century French author, remembered as a master of the short story form, as well as a representative of the Naturalist school, who depicted human lives, destinies and social forces in disillusioned and often pessimistic terms. 
Maupassant was a protégé of Gustave Flaubert and his stories are characterized by economy of style and efficient, seemingly effortless dénouements. Many are set during the Franco-Prussian War of the 1870s, describing the futility of war and the innocent civilians who, caught up in events beyond their control, are permanently changed by their experiences. He wrote 300 short stories, six novels, three travel books, and one volume of verse. His first published story, "Boule de Suif" ("The Dumpling", 1880), is often considered his most famous work.
Excerpted from Guy de Maupassant on Wikipedia.

The works of Guy De Maupassant

person AuthorGuy De Maupassant
language CountryFrance
api GenreShort stories, Romances, Comedy, War
copyright CopyrightPublic domain in the United States.
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Reader: Tatiana Chichilla, James K. White.

  1. A Christmas Eve Festival (life in Normandy)
  2. A Christmas Tale (life in Normandy)
  3. A Corsican story (Corsican story)
  4. A Country Excursion (love story)
  5. A Coup d’Etat (political conflict)
  6. A Cremation (anecdote)
  7. A Cry of Alarm (the battle of the sexes)
  8. A Divorce Case (mental illness)
  9. A Duel (war story)
  10. A Failure (Corsican story)
  11. A Family (drama)
  12. A Family Affair (life in Paris)
  13. A Father’s Confession (drama)
  14. A Humble Drama (solitude)
  15. A Meeting (1882)(solitude)
  16. A Meeting (1884)(the battle of the sexes)
  17. A Million (drama)
  18. A Mother of Monsters (drama)
  19. A New Year’s Gift (the battle of the sexes)
  20. A Normandy Joke (life in Normandy)
  21. A Parricide (crime story)
  22. A Passion (the battle of the sexes)
  23. A Portrait ((love story)
  24. A Queer Night in Paris (life in Paris)
  25. A Railway Story (anecdote)
  26. A Recollection (the battle of the sexes)
  27. A Rooster Crowed (the battle of the sexes)
  28. A Sale (comedy)
  29. A Sister’s Confession (drama)
  30. A Stroll (life in Paris)
  31. A Surprise (drama)
  32. A Traveller’s Notes (drama)
  33. A Tress of Hair (mental illness)
  34. A True Story (the battle of the sexes)
  35. A True-Life Drama (drama)
  36. A Vagabond (crime story)
  37. A Vendetta (Corsican story)
  38. A Wedding Gift (love story)
  39. A Widow (love story)
  40. A Wise Man (the battle of the sexes)
  41. A Woman’s Confessions (hunting story)
  42. Abandoned (drama)
  43. Advice Given in Vain (the battle of the sexes)
  44. After (solitude)
  45. Alexandre (love story)
  46. All Over (love story)
  47. Allouma (life in Algeria)
  48. An Adventure in Paris (life in Paris)
  49. An Artifice (drama)
  50. An Old Man (comedy)
  51. At Sea (fishing story)
  52. At the Bed’s Edge (the battle of the sexes)
  53. At the Spa (love story)
  54. Bed 29 (war story)
  55. Belhomme’s Beast (comedy)
  56. Bertha (mental illness)
  57. Beside Schopenhauer’s Corpse (anecdote)
  58. Boitelle (life in Normandy)
  59. Bombard (the battle of the sexes)
  60. Boniface’s Crime Case (comedy)
  61. Boule de Suif (war story)
  62. Ça ira (boating on the Seine)
  63. Call it Madness? (drama)
  64. Christmas Eve (prostitution)
  65. Clair de lune (love story)
  66. Clochette (the feminine condition)
  67. Coco (animal story)
  68. Coconut, Coconut, Fresh Coconut! (drama)
  69. Conversations (the battle of the sexes)
  70. Coward (drama)
  71. Cunning (the battle of the sexes)
  72. Day of Celebration (solitude)
  73. Dead Woman’s Secret (drama)
  74. Denis (crime story)
  75. Discovery (the battle of the sexes)
  76. Divorce (the battle of the sexes)
  77. Doctors and Patients (health cure in the Auvergne mountains)
  78. Dreams (anecdote)
  79. Duchoux (drama)
  80. Epiphany (war story)
  81. Farewell! (love story)
  82. Fascination (the battle of the sexes)
  83. Father Matthew (life in Normandy)
  84. Father Milon (war story)
  85. Fear (1882) (drama)
  86. Fear (1884) (hunting story)
  87. Flotsam (anecdote)
  88. For Sale (Brittany story)
  89. Forgiveness (the battle of the sexes)
  90. Found on a Drowned Man (love story)
  91. Friend Joseph (political conflict)
  92. Friend Patience (anecdote)
  93. Happiness (Corsican story)
  94. Hautot and Son(love story)
  95. Health Trip (satire)
  96. His Avenger (the battle of the sexes)
  97. Human Misery (drama)
  98. Idyll (anecdote)
  99. In the Spring (love story)
  100. In the Train (comedy)
  101. In the Wood (comedy)
  102. Indiscretion (the battle of the sexes)
  103. Is it Rabies? (love story)
  104. Joseph (the battle of the sexes)
  105. Julie Romain (love story)
  106. Lasting Love (love story)
  107. Legend of Mont St. Michel (Norman fable)
  108. Letter From a Madman (mental illness)
  109. Lieutenant Lare’s Marriage (war story)
  110. Little Louise Roque (sex crime)
  111. Love (hunting story)
  112. Mad? (super-naturalism)
  113. Madame Baptiste (drama)
  114. Madame Hermet (mental illness)
  115. Madame Husson’s "Rosier" (comedy)
  116. Madame Parisse (the battle of the sexes)
  117. Mademoiselle Cocotte (animal story)
  118. Mademoiselle Fifi (war story)
  119. Mademoiselle Pearl (drama)
  120. Magnetism (love story)
  121. Marroca (life in Algeria)
  122. Martine (life in Normandy)
  123. Memories (solitude)
  124. Minuet (love story)
  125. Miss Harriet (love story)
  126. Misti (love story)
  127. Mohammed-Blackguard (life in Algeria)
  128. Moiron (crime story)
  129. Monsieur Jocaste (incest)
  130. Monsieur Parent (drama)
  131. Moonlight (love story)
  132. Mother and Son (drama)
  133. Mother Sauvage (war story)
  134. Mouche (boating on the Seine)
  135. My Twenty-Five Days (health cure in the Auvergne mountains)
  136. My Uncle Jules (drama)
  137. My Uncle Sosthenes (drama)
  138. My Wife (love story)
  139. Old Amable (life in Normandy)
  140. Old Judas (anecdote)
  141. Old Mongilet (life in Paris)
  142. Old Objects (solitude)
  143. On a Spring Evening (love story)
  144. On Cats (animal story)
  145. On the River (boating on the Seine)
  146. One Evening (life in Algeria)
  147. Other Times (comedy)
  148. Our Friends the English (anecdote)
  149. Our Letters (love story)
  150. Paul’s Mistress (drama)
  151. Petition of an Involuntary High-Liver (drama)
  152. Pierrot (animal story)
  153. Public Opinion (life in Paris)
  154. Queen Hortense (drama)
  155. Regret (solitude)
  156. Roger’s Method (the battle of the sexes)
  157. Room 11 (anecdote)
  158. Rosalie Prudent (the feminine condition)
  159. Rose (the battle of the sexes)
  160. Rust (love story)
  161. Rustic Tribunals (comedy)
  162. Saint Anthony (war story)
  163. Saved (the battle of the sexes)
  164. Shali (pedophilia)
  165. Shepherd’s Leap (drama)
  166. Simon’s Papa (drama)
  167. Solitude (solitude)
  168. Souvenir (war story)
  169. Suicides (suicide)
  170. Sundays of a Bourgeois (life in Paris)
  171. That Costly Ride (drama)
  172. That Pig of a Morin (comedy)
  173. The Accursed Bread (drama)
  174. The Adopted Son (drama)
  175. The Apparition (super-naturalism)
  176. The Awakening (the battle of the sexes)
  177. The Baptism (life in Normandy)
  178. The Baroness (the feminine condition)
  179. The Bed (love story)
  180. The Beggar (life in Normandy)
  181. The Bequest (drama)
  182. The Blind Man (life in Normandy)
  183. The Cake (drama)
  184. The Caresses (love story)
  185. The Case of Madame Luneau (comedy)
  186. The Child (1883-8-19) (drama)
  187. The Child (1883-9-18) (drama)
  188. The Christening (1885)(Brittany story)
  189. The Colonel’s Ideas (war story)
  190. The Condemned Prisoner (anecdote)
  191. The Confession (1884-7) (the feminine condition)
  192. The Confession (1884-8) (the battle of the sexes)
  193. The Conservatory (drama)
  194. The Corsican Bandit (Corsican story)
  195. The Cough (comedy)
  196. The Cripple (love story)
  197. The Dead Hand (super-naturalism)
  198. The Devil (comedy)
  199. The Diamond Necklace (drama)
  200. The Diary of a Madman (crime story)
  201. The Dispenser of Holy Water (drama)
  202. The Doctor Héraclius Gloss (satire)
  203. The Donkey (drama)
  204. The Door (love story)
  205. The Dowry (drama)
  206. The Drunkard (drama)
  207. The False Gems (drama)
  208. The Farmer’s Wife (love story)
  209. The Father (1883)(drama)
  210. The Father (1887)(drama)
  211. The First Snowfall (life in Normandy)
  212. The Fishing Hole (fishing story)
  213. The Gamekeeper (hunting story)
  214. The Grave (drama)
  215. The Hand (Corsican story)
  216. The Heritage (drama)
  217. The Hermit (life in Paris)
  218. The Honeymoon (love story)
  219. The Horla (super-naturalism)
  220. The Horrible (drama)
  221. The Impolite Sex (the battle of the sexes)
  222. The Inn (drama)
  223. The Kiss (the battle of the sexes)
  224. The Landlady (the battle of the sexes)
  225. The Legion of Honor (satire)
  226. The Little Cask (comedy)
  227. The Lock (comedy)
  228. The Log (the battle of the sexes)
  229. The Love of Long Ago (drama)
  230. The Mad Woman (war story)
  231. The Maison Tellier (prostitution)
  232. The Magic Couch (suicide)
  233. The Man From Mars (mental illness)
  234. The Marquis de Fumerol (satire)
  235. The Mask (drama)
  236. The Matter With André (the battle of the sexes)
  237. The Model (the battle of the sexes)
  238. The Moribund (life in Normandy)
  239. The Mother Superior’s Twenty-Five francs (comedy)
  240. The Mountain Pool (drama)
  241. The Murderer (crime story)
  242. The Mustache (the battle of the sexes)
  243. The Night (life in Paris)
  244. The Odyssey of a Prostitute (prostitution)
  245. The Olive Grove (drama)
  246. The Orderly (drama)
  247. The Orient (anecdote)
  248. The Orphan (crime story)
  249. The Parrot (the feminine condition)
  250. The Patron (satire)
  251. The Pedlar (drama)
  252. The Penguin’s Rock (hunting story)
  253. The Piece of String (life in Normandy)
  254. The Port (prostitution)
  255. The Prank (comedy)
  256. The Prisoners (war story)
  257. The Question of Latin (solitude)
  258. The Rabbit (comedy)
  259. The Relic (love story)
  260. The Rendezvous (the battle of the sexes)
  261. The Return (life in Normandy)
  262. The Revenge (the battle of the sexes)
  263. The Rival Pins (the battle of the sexes)
  264. The Rondoli Sisters (love story)
  265. The Secret (the battle of the sexes)
  266. The Signal (the battle of the sexes)
  267. The Snipe (hunting story)
  268. The Snipes (hunting story)
  269. The Son (Brittany story)
  270. The Spasm (health cure in the Auvergne mountains)
  271. The Story of a Dog (animal story)
  272. The Story of a Farm Girl (the feminine condition)
  273. The Substitute (comedy)
  274. The Terror (solitude)
  275. The Test (drama)
  276. The Thief (comedy)
  277. The Umbrella (satire)
  278. The Unknown (the battle of the sexes)
  279. The Wardrobe (prostitution)
  280. The Will (drama)
  281. The Window (the battle of the sexes)
  282. The Wolf (hunting story)
  283. The Wooden Shoes (life in Normandy)
  284. The Wreck (love story)
  285. The Wrong House (comedy)
  286. Theodule Sabot’s Confession (life in Normandy)
  287. Timbuctoo (war story)
  288. Toine (comedy)
  289. Tombstones (love story)
  290. Two Friends (war story)
  291. Two Little Soldiers (love story)
  292. Useless Beauty (the battle of the sexes)
  293. Waiter, a Bock! (drama)
  294. Walter Schnaffs’ Adventure (war story)
  295. Was it a Dream? (super-naturalism)
  296. White and Blue (comedy)
  297. Who Knows? (mental illness)
  298. Words of Love (the battle of the sexes)
  299. Yvette Samoris (drama)
  300. Yvette (the battle of the sexes)



  • Une Vie (1883) 
  • Bel-Ami (1885) 
  • Mont-Oriol (1887) 
  • Pierre et Jean (1888) 
  • Fort comme la mort (1889) 
  • Notre Cœur (1890) 
  • L'Angelus (1910) - unfinished 
  • L'Âmé Éntrangère (1910) - unfinished

  • Au soleil (1884) 
  • Sur l'eau (1888) 
  • La Vie errante (1890)

  • Des Vers (1880) containing Nuit de Neige